What is CBC test? What is CBC test used for?

What is CBC test? What is CBC test used for?

What is CBC test: -

CBC test or Complete blood count test is the procedure of a normal blood test which tells any doctor 3 things regarding the blood of his patient-

  • Red blood cell
  • White blood cell
  • Platlets cell

What is CBC test? What is CBC test used for?
What is CBC test? What is CBC test used for?

These three types of cells play an important role in the circulation of our body.

CBC Test Types 

There are 5 main types of tests in a CBC test. Whenever you do a CBC test, every time you get these 5 figures in your test, their number can be different in men and women. These major 5 investigations are as follows: -

Red blood cell count

RBCs perform an important function of transporting oxygen in our body. RBCs contain a major protein hemoglobin which is responsible for the redening of rbcs. Normally the value of RBCs in our body is 4 - 5.5. is m / uL.

Hemoglobin value

Hemoglobin works in our blood to carry oxygen from the lungs to every part of the body and then brings carbon dioxide back to the lungs through the blood which we expel by breathing. Normally in our body The normal value of hemoglobin ranges from 12 to 17.4 g / dl.
Number of WBC Count or White Blood Cells: - White blood cells help our body to fight against external infections. Generally, the amount of wbc in our body is 5 to 10k / uL. They are also called ANC Count or absolute neutrophils count which shows the immunity of our body.

Hematocrit Value or HCT Value

HCT Value gives us information about how much of our body's blood is made up of RBC. HCT value is 36 to 52% in a healthy body.

Platelet count

Whenever there is bleeding due to injury at some place in our body, then the cells of the platelets blood at that place which stops the bleeding. Its volume in healthy body is 140 to 400 k / uL. it occurs.

Blood disorder

Whenever we do CBC test and by this we will be able to see the quantity of cells mentioned above in our report that we will be able to see our white blood cell or Hb value or in addition ANC count and also the lack or normal level in the body.

Unbalanced amount of Cells causes Health Problems

If there is a decrease in the amount of cells mentioned above in our blood, then we may have to face health related problems. Now let's see what could be this problem or disease respectively: -

Neutropenia or low WBC count

If your level of neutropenia is low, it means that the amount of our white blood cells has decreased which helps us in fighting diseases. It is also called ANC count. The lower it is, the higher our chances of getting sick. It can be divided into 2 levels.

If your ANC count is 1000 / uL or 1.0 k / uL then the chances of infection in your body are very high.

If your ANC count is 500 / uL or 0.50K / uL, then it is a very serious condition. You have come under infection and need immediate treatment.

How to avoid infection

The way to avoid infection is that we need to get these harmful bacteria and viruses out of the body. These harmful germs can reach our body through-

By air: - The sneezing of someone else, especially the germs coming out of his mouth or nose, enters the body through our breath through air.

Blood, sweat, saliva: -
Many times these germs also enter our body by the touch of hands, when we touch our mouth, eyes or nose with hands at an infected place, these germs get inside us.

How to protect, if your WBC levels are low

1. Before eating any food, if you have done any of the tasks mentioned below, then wash your hands thoroughly and sit down to eat, like: -

If you have gone to the bathroom
If you cough and sneeze, clean the mouth with hands
If you shook hands with someone
If you have used something that has been touched by someone else before you, then you should eat it by washing your hands thoroughly.

2. Take a bath every day

3. If your skin is dry, then apply any type of lotion to the skin, it will protect you from injury or scratches, because germs enter our body only from these scratches.

4. If there is a scratch or injury in any part of the body, first of all, wash the place thoroughly and then cover it with a bandit bandage.

5. Avoid going to places where dirt or germs are found, or wear shoes before going to those places.

Anemia or low RBCs level

If you have anemia, it means that the amount of RBCs in your red blood cells has decreased, in addition to this, you also believe that the amount of hemoglobin and hematocrit in your blood has decreased. It can be treated through the treatment process, but in a serious condition, the patient may need to be admitted to the hospital and given additional blood. If your RBC level is low, you can identify anemia with the following symptoms: -

Difficulty breathing or quick breathing
Experiencing any kind of voice in the ear
Feeling of weakness

How to avoid anemia

Relax after a long activity
Get enough sleep at night
Get up and sit comfortably during work. This will save you from weakness.


If your blood does not freeze at the time of flowing, that is, the blood is late, then there is a lack of platelets in your blood. If your platelets have declined, you can identify them with the following symptoms like: -

Skin rash
Bleeding from the nose
Jaw bleeding
Light red or brown urine
Excess of blood during periods
Continuing blood flow when skin is cut off

Ways to avoid Thrombocytopenia

Use a soft and good quality tooth brush to reduce the risk of peeling of the gums.
If the number of platelets is less than 20 thousand then use electric shaving machine in place of razor to shave.
Avoid using tools while gardening.
Do not give too much emphasis while cleaning the nose.
Keep distance with sharp or sharp tools.
In this way, you will be able to protect yourself from the disease caused by blood deficiency and stay healthy. Before taking any kind of medicine and after the report of the test, you must meet your doctor and according to their consultation Only work.

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