Important facts about Indian Independence Day

Important facts about Indian Independence Day

Important facts about Indian Independence Day: Friends will share some information and facts which most people are probably not aware of, on 15 August 2019 i.e. on the occasion of India's 73rd Independence Day. India celebrated its first Independence Day on 15 August 1947. 33 million people were witness to that holy watch. Exactly 72 years after independence (India after independence) today, with our number being around 133 crores, the British made laws in India on that day. Whereas in 2019, India is the world's largest democracy.

Important facts about Indian Independence Day
Important facts about Indian Independence Day

Important facts about Indian Independence Day

Pakistan became independent a day before India, i.e. on 14 August, Pakistan celebrates Independence Day, 15 August is Indian Independence Day. Whereas on 16 December, Bangladesh celebrates its victory day. Which was formed after the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

It should be called a coincidence, the day India celebrates its Independence Day on 15 August, Bahrain, South Korea and Kago also celebrate their Independence Day.

India gained independence at exactly 12 midnight of 14-15 August 1947, because Japan surrendered before the US and England on the same day of 15 August. Therefore, the last Viceroy Beton had decided to announce the Indian Independence Day on August 15 itself.

Today, America has become more than 242 years independent, while India will overtake America in only 72 years.

When the whole country was immersed in the celebration of 1st Indian Independence Day, Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi could not participate in that program. Because they were engaged in stopping communal riots growing very fast in Calcutta.

On every Indian Independence Day, the Prime Minister hoists the flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort, from the first Prime Minister Pandit Nehru to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, this tradition is going on.

On Indian Independence Day, the national program is organized at the Rajpath intersection of Delhi. In this, along with all the honorable people of the country, the chief guest of another country also takes part in the program. In addition to the Indian Independence Day parade and the 21-gun salute, the Prime Minister addresses the nation.

Independence Day is the national festival of India, on this day there is a state holiday in the whole country.

On the day of Indian Independence Day, in addition to many cultural programs and sports competitions in all school colleges and other educational institutions across the country, citizens doing good work in various fields are also honored.

When our first Indian Independence Day was being celebrated, till then we had no national anthem. Although Tangor wrote them in 1911. Which was implemented in 1950 after three years of independence.

On 15 August 1947, the price of gold in India was only Rs 90 per 10 grams.

At the time of independence, the state of Goa was not a part of India, which was repulsed and incorporated into India in 1961.

In terms of area in the world, India's seventh number comes, which is known by various names. Most people also call India or Hindustan, India is also called India in English, the origin of the word India is believed to be from Indus, which was a river that used to flow through Indus Valley.

There are 22 languages ​​recognized in India by approximately 1700 dialects, while there are no national languages ​​of India. Hindi has been considered as the official language, there have been many movements to make Hindi the national language, but it has not yet become the national language.

The most spoken language in India is Hindi, second place is English. The standard languages ​​of most states are Hindi and English jointly, India ranks 24th among the most English-speaking countries in the world.

The world's largest film industry, railway system, postal department is with India.

Indian Independence Day was broadcast for the first time in India on 15 August 19782.
Postal codes were introduced in India only on 15 August 1972.

At the time of the 1st Indian Independence Day, the Indian rupee was worth one US dollar.

At the time of India's independence, Pandit Nehru gave a historical speech called Trist with Destiny at 12 o'clock at night. When Pandit Nehru was not the Prime Minister of India. It is said that Mahatma Gandhi had not heard this speech, because he slept at 9 o'clock.

On the day of 15 August 1947, the Indo-Pak divider line (Redkilp) was determined.

Viceroy Mount Beton worked in his office on the day of Indian Independence Day 15 August 1947, the next day, on August 16, Pandit Nehru handed him the list of his cabinet, and hoisted the tricolor on August 16, taking charge.

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