Unique commander of Garo mountain - Thogan Negameiya Sangma

Unique commander of Garo mountain - Thogan Negameiya Sangma

Thogan Negameiya Sangma was born 10 km from today's Garo Pahar, District Center William Nagar (whose original name was Singasan Giri). Away Chidulibra took place in the village.

Unique commander of Garo mountain - Thogan Negameiya Sangma
Unique commander of Garo mountain - Thogan Negameiya Sangma

It was about 150 years ago. At that time this village was surrounded by dense forests and mountains. From childhood, Thogan showed leadership qualities. Thogan played a major role in local caste conflicts. Hence, he also became the head of many villages. The Thogan belonged to the Garo tribe, with the subcaste Negmeiia Sangma considered superior.

After 1857, the British were running the Daman cycle to establish their rule over the entire country, under which the British had targeted Meghalaya and Garo mountain. The British attacked Garo Pahar on behalf of Maimane Singh district (nowadays in Bangladesh).

The second invasion came from Gwalpada, and the third from Burma (Myanmar) region. After this invasion, Captain Carey and Captain William took over the Tura area of ​​Garo mountain and became the center of British officers.

Thogan Negameiya Sangma declared - "The British will not allow their territory to be ruled. They will not allow the people to become their slaves." He formed an army of youths of the area, inspiring the youths to sacrifice their homeland if they had to protect themselves.

He went from village to village campaigning against British power and ignited the flame of independence. Here, on 8 December 1872, the British army traveled towards Tura and established its camp. A contingent of the army was sent to Tura on behalf of Gwalapada.

Thogan Negameiya Sangma and his associates had nothing but the traditional shield, sword, spear, bow and arrow etc. Thogan and his soldiers were not familiar with guns. So Thogan discovered a new way. He heated an iron in the fire and made it red and covered it with a banana stem and made a shield and armor.

On 11 December 1872, Thogan and his comrades attacked and set fire to the British camp. After this incident, the British soldiers got a bit nervous. The struggle to protect the motherland under the leadership of Thogan and his close aide Dalgatesira was initiated.

When the war started again on December 12, the shields of the banana stem of these people could not stand in front of the English weapons. The British officer conspiratorially called Thogan for negotiation and fryed him with bullets.

Thogan was martyred. Dalgatesira continued the war with local villagers and children. But all were eventually martyred. The British then took control of the entire Garo mountain.

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