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Nana Patekar - Evergreen Hero

Nana Patekar - Evergreen Hero

Nana Patekar (born January 1, 1951; Murud-Janjira, Maharashtra) is a Marathi actor. He has appeared in many Hindi and Marathi films and plays. Patekar has played various roles like hero, co-actor and villain. Nana's Natsamrat has been featured in Marathi. Nana Patekar is an actor who has learned a great deal from his struggles in his life. Not only is it a great nut to know about the world and the living, but also a knight of the Marathi and Hindi cinema.

Nana Patekar - Evergreen Hero
Nana Patekar - Evergreen Hero
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Nana Patekar was born on January 1, 1939 in Murud-Janjira, Maharashtra. Nana was a student of the J J School of Art. Nana was fond of making sketches. Nana had made their drawings on the character of the criminals. During his education, Nana began to work in college plays.


Nana Patekar 'Gaman' Making his film debut in 1978. The role was so small that it didn't even catch the audience's attention. For the next eight years Nana continued to play the role of Giddha, Bhalu, Sheela. None of these films made a lot of money.

Nana was a co-star in the movie 'Aaj Ki Awaaz' starring Raj Babbar. His work was appreciated, but the film fell.

The first successful role of Nana was Ankush, the first-ever production and directing of N. Chandra. Nana played the role of a straight-faced but unemployed youth in the film which came out in the year 1986. The role of Nana proved unforgettable.

People liked the small role of the Nana in N. Chandra's 'Pratighat', which came in 1987. Sujata Mehta was the heroine of the film.

The role of the villain of Nana was immense in the movie Parinda, which came out in 1989. Nana Patekar was honored for the first time in the lead role in the film 'Tiranga' in 1992. Due to his dialogue, Nana Patekar acted in the role of Rajkumar in the film which is famous for its dialogue style.

'Prakash Baba Amte' was the most popular film in the movie.


Directed by Nana Patekar, the movie Prahaar: The Final Attack (1991). This is his first film as a director. In this movie, former Army Chief General VK Singh has worked.

Social work

Nana Patekar founded the Naam Foundation in September 2015 alongside actor Makarand Anasapure. Under this organization, they help the farmers in the drought-prone areas of Maharashtra, especially the families of suicidal farmers in Marathwada.

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