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Jose Salvador Alvarenga, Surviving 438 Days in a Lonely Sea

Jose Salvador Alvarenga, Surviving 438 Days in a Lonely Sea

It is no surprise that when people come back to life and live normal lives, in situations that are extremely adverse or where all the solutions are lost, it is impossible to survive, to survive.

Such is the story of Jose Alvarenga fisherman.

After a Mexican fisherman's boat wandered into the sea, there were only turtles, sea birds, fish, rain water and urine to eat near him!

Jose Salvador Alvarenga, Surviving 438 Days in a Lonely Sea
Jose Salvador Alvarenga, Surviving 438 Days in a Lonely Sea

Jose Alvarenga was an experienced fisherman.  He spent many years of his life fishing in the sea.  On November 17, 2012, he boarded a boat with a novice colleague named Cordoba and went fishing in the Pacific Ocean.  Both of them had taken the materials they needed for the next 2-3 days.  In just a few hours, they caught more than 500kg of fish, starting fishing.  Both were very happy.

But their joy was not long-lasting.  Suddenly a severe storm began.  It started raining heavily.  They immediately tried to reach the shore.  But no road could be found in the storm.  Heavy rains blocked the shoreline, and their boat began to wander in the deep sea.  The storm continued for another 5 days.

The boat was hit very hard by the storm.  All the electronic equipment on the boat was shut down, the motor carried away.  They tried to contact their owner over the radio.  But as their precise location was not determined and the storm lasted longer, rescue crews returned.  They stopped the search, realizing that both fishermen might have drowned in the sea.

The food on the boat ended within a few days.  They started to drink the rain water.  If they do not rain for a long time, they have to cover their day by drinking their own urine or the blood of fish.  (One drop of sea water is 0.001 g salt. Your body is not able to tolerate this sodium. There are many possibilities of pressure on the kidneys, destruction of the nervous system, poisoning of internal organs, dehydration, so even in extreme distress this person cannot drink.)  Jose Alvarenga was an avid fisherman.  He also caught fish, tortoises and seabirds with great difficulty.

Hours later, hours went by, days went by, months went by, but they couldn't find the shore.  No boat or airplane was in sight, and even if it fell, all equipment could not be contacted due to malfunction.  Both of them had realized that all the way back home was now closed.  While wandering in the abyss, there was a fiery situation that one day death would take place

Jose had to indulge himself in things all day long, but Cordoba, however, was plunged into despair.  It was affecting his nature.  After being stuck in the sea for 4 months and having to eat raw food daily, he fainted and gave up drinking.  Within days, he died of starvation and dehydration.

Jose was shocked to see his colleague's death.  He kept Cordoba's body for 5-6 days.  Don't know what to do.  In his mind, though, thoughts of suicide now began.  But he made some determination with his heart and threw the colleague's body into the water.

For another 7-8 months, he was wandering in the sea.  After 438 days, he saw for the first time a ray of hope.  In front of it was the shore of Marshall Island.  Immediately he reached the shore and knocked on the door of a cottage.  The men in the cottage did not believe what he was saying at first.  But he later contacted local authorities and arranged to send him home safely.

He had arrived at a distance of 9650 kilometers from the village of Mexico where he had started his journey.

Thus, in adverse conditions, Jose Alvarenga, who faced natural challenges, recorded the longest living in the sea in a dilapidated state and also proved that he could survive difficult times successfully, facing strong challenges.

Since we are busy in our Comfort Zone, the struggle to die for us can only be a matter of story poetry and entertainment or much of a movie.  Therefore, even the simplest problems we handle are very aggressive or irritating.  We have become so accustomed to the simple and unrestricted life that we do not have any vegetables in the house, even if an item in the grocery is finished.  Such memories were recalled when many souls locked in a house like Corona saw their souls craving for small things.  If Jose Alvarenga can survive in that boat for 438 days, this lockdown goes from just 21 to 39 days.  We also have a source of food.  Then what does it matter to live in the house?

Anyway ... !!  Live laugh, have fun, and stay home ..

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