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10 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo

10 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo

Each person is the master of their body, but there are times when you need to stop doing what you are doing and say to yourself, "This is not right!".  This can happen, for example, when someone is about to make peace with their ex or get a tattoo.  It's just not worth it, forget about it!

These are the 10 reasons why you should think twice about getting a tattoo.

10 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo
10 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo

1. You are not old enough

If you are a minor and your parents are against it, chances are you will have to choose the drawing in terrible conditions with the help of a friend you don't really know.  This not only leads to serious infections, but the tattoo will also look ugly.

2. You don't have enough money

If you want an excellent, high-quality tattoo, you can't be stingy.  People realize that they simply don't have enough money for a proper tattoo and are looking for much cheaper options.  And in the end, they are very disappointed with the result.

3. You are not 100% sure of the design

If you have not completely decided on the design, or if you have gone through several options in a few days and you cannot choose a single one - take a break, so you don't regret it later.

4. You don't understand what the tattoo says

It may be beautiful, but the Internet is full of photos of people with tattoos, which, when translated, mean things like "chicken soup" or "rich white man."  This happens all the time!

5. You lost a bet

Never accept such a bet under any circumstances.  A little mistake shouldn't lead to a life with a hideous tattoo design.

6. You cannot remove the ink very easily

If you don't plan on getting that tattoo for a long time, don't do it.  Taking it off hurts like hell, especially in "sensitive" places.

7. You want to write the name of someone you love.

One day you are with Shelly, and the next day you are dating Shaquanda.  Who knows who you will serenade in a year.

8. Do you have health problems?

Diabetes, heart or blood circulation problems, and blood thinning medications make the inking procedure very dangerous for you.  Even taking aspirin can make the image blur.

9. You are drunk

Legal workshops do not offer services to people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  That thins the blood and the tattoos don't stay.

10. Your tattoo parlor is creepy and smells funny

Do you want to get an infection?  I hope not.  Forget about weird basements and abandoned buildings.  All you will get there is HIV or hepatitis.  And if you are very unlucky, death.

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