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10 Impressive Qualities of Women Who Enjoy Being Alone

10 Impressive Qualities of Women Who Enjoy Being Alone

There are certain types of women who always feel the need to go out with their large entourage of friends.  On the other hand, there are many women who feel more comfortable spending most of their time alone.  It does not mean that they are lonely, outcasts or psychopaths.  In fact, when they meet friends, they are completely normal.  In fact, they are as social and outgoing as anyone.  It is just that their socialization must be done on their own terms.  With that in mind, these are the 10 positive characteristics of women who like to spend a lot of time alone.

10 Impressive Qualities of Women Who Enjoy Being Alone
10 Impressive Qualities of Women Who Enjoy Being Alone

1. They are more emotionally stable

It might seem intuitive to assume that women who spend a lot of time alone would be more neurotic and anxious, but studies have found the opposite to be true.  In general, they feel much less stress than very social people.  It may be that your time alone allows for more reflection.  Furthermore, being alone means that they are not forced to deal with the drama that inevitably comes from belonging to a large social circle.

2. They don't mind being single

One possible explanation is that women who enjoy spending a lot of time alone may feel that relationships could hinder their current goals.  They prefer to find out who they are and what they want from life before deciding to commit to a partner.  They are more selective about who they date, and if they are not satisfied in the relationship, they will not hesitate to break it.  Also, because they only have a few friends, they don't feel pressured to have a relationship just because they have one.

3. They are more careful with the company they maintain

This is another feature that is easy to explain.  If they are choosing to be reserved, that means they are much more deliberate about the type of people they choose to date.  As a result, their friends tend to be more trustworthy and less likely to lead them down the wrong path.

4. They have more meaningful friendships

This feature goes hand in hand with the previous one.  The fact that they are looking for meaningful friends means that they themselves have many of the great qualities that people look for in a friend.  Since they have a limited number of close friends, they take the time to really get to know them and help them when they are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

5. They are more mentally open

It may seem intuitive to assume that if a person prefers to be alone for a long time, it means that he lives in his own bubble and is not open to new ideas.  But this could not be further from the truth.  They are not stubborn nor do they pay attention to their own customs;  They are always looking for ways to improve, even when it means leaving their comfort zone and trying new things.

6. They have really amazing boyfriends

When they make the decision to start a relationship, they do everything they can to make it work.  They don't give their contact information to every person who approaches them, but when they have an appointment, they do so with the best of intentions.  If the couple shows loyalty, she will reciprocate and make him an important focal point of her life.

7. They have less insecurities

Most women who choose to spend a lot of time alone do not because they have a complex;  it is just the opposite.  They don't connect to Facebook or Instagram to count the number of “likes” of that last sepia-toned photo of their morning latte.  They are more likely to accept themselves and even accept who they are, compared to women who belong to a large social circle.  They acknowledge their shortcomings and acknowledge that everyone has them, or will strive to improve.

8. They are more self-sufficient

Women who prefer to be alone are used to solving their own problems.  Throughout their lives they have learned to deal with situations and therefore do not use or depend on other people for help.  Along the same lines, they feel uncomfortable when others try to do things for them, since it is not something they are used to.

9. They are very creative and eager to learn

These women make the most of their free time, especially since they spend most of their time alone.  Take the opportunity to learn something new, such as playing an instrument, painting, or learning a language.  Being alone gives them the freedom to focus on their passions without being distracted by others.

10. Their lives will not be dictated by others

This is perhaps the greatest learning when it comes to women who enjoy time alone.  They set their rules as they see fit, and they don't let others tell them what they should be doing in their lives, who they should be dating, what they should be wearing, or anything else.  Again, this does not mean that they are not willing to make improvements, but ultimately, any changes they make will be made on their own terms.

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